Fortune Favors the Bold CD

Fortune Favors the Bold CD

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With their latest album Fortune Favors The Bold, Russell County, Virginia-based 49 Winchester is ready and roaring to break onto the national scene with its unique brand of tear-in-your-beer alt-country, sticky barroom floor rock-n-roll, and high-octane Appalachian folk. Get it now on CD, featuring ‘Annabel’, ‘Russell County Line’, ‘Damn Darlin’, ‘All I Need’ and more!

Fortune Favors The Bold is not only a record that showcases the current state of 49 Winchester, it’s a melodic stake in the ground of how this group is constantly evolving and taking shape, sonically and lyrically. But, it’s also about looking into the rearview mirror with a genuine appreciation for where you came from and what you’re made of. Those salt-of-the-earth traits in your blood and character that define what it actually takes to climb that damn mountain of dreams. At its essence, Fortune Favors The Bold is about going against all odds to bring your art into fruition and into the world - come hell or high water.


1. Annabel

2. Man's Best Friend

3. Russell County Line

4. All I Need

5. Hillbilly Daydream

6. Damn Darlin'

7. Fortune Favors the Bold

8. Second Chance

9. Neon

10. Last Call

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